Herb’s Hypnotherapy Credentials and Approach

There is a lot of natural crossover between meditation and hypnosis. Both guide a person into deeper states of their consciousness in order to explore, uncover or heal.

I have been guiding people through various meditation techniques for over 20 years. So it is probably no surprise that my specialty lies in combining hypnosis with meditation. The power of their synergy is incredible for accelerating healing and accessing higher states of consciousness.

I hold a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Honors from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI), the world’s leading center for hypnotherapy research and accreditation. Along with completing an intensive year-long residency program for clinical hypnotherapy at HMI, I also obtained a Specialist Certification as a Therapeutic Imagery Master from the American Hypnosis Association. 

To maximize my own expertise and harness the most innovative hypnotherapy techniques, I participate in several graduate programs that draw from the world’s most effective healing modalities, modern psychology research, brain science, language patterns, and NLP.

I am deeply excited to offer hypnotherapy to my clients as a powerful tool for inner work, spiritual awakening, and improving the quality of their everyday life. These private one-on-one sessions can be conducted entirely online for my clients around the world, or in person from my office in Chiapas, Mexico, for my clients based locally.

If you are interested in scheduling a hypnotherapy session with me, or would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Five FAQs About Hypnotherapy:

1. What actually is hypnotherapy?

With so many wild misconceptions about hypnotherapy floating around in mainstream culture, let us first clear up what hypnotherapy is not.

The term hypnotherapy probably makes you think of the word hypnosis. This conjures visions of people being put into a trancelike state and directed to bark like a dog at the sound of a bell. And who hasn’t seen yawn-inducing footage of someone being instructed, “You are getting very sleeeeepy,” as a pendulum swings in front of his drooping eyelids?

Funny as they are, these mind-control theatrics fortunately bear no resemblance to the actual practice of hypnotherapy today. Rather than taking control of your mind, a skilled hypnotherapist simply empowers you to regain deeper control over your own mind and body.

Hypnosis refers to a naturally occurring state of deeper consciousness that is activated when a person’s mind is brought to the edge of sleep. Hypnotherapy is then the use of hypnosis to improve people’s lives through positive changes in behavior and mindset. It uses proven brain science techniques to alleviate physical and psychological pain, and maximize overall wellbeing.

2. What can it help you with?

Google the benefits of hypnotherapy, and you will find a seemingly endless list of its applications. From losing weight to quitting smoking to overcoming fears like flying or public speaking.

Yes, it can certainly help you overcome bad habits. Or create new, healthier habits. It can help manage stress, anxiety and even physical pain. In fact, issues like headaches, back pain, even gastro-intestinal problems like IBS, that are manifesting as physical pain, may often have causal roots at the subconscious level of the mind.

Hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool when traditional medicine just isn’t helping. When doctors are not sure what is causing your pain, or when no medication alleviates your symptoms.

Hypnotherapy often uncovers an underlying reason for your symptoms that has been buried so deep in your consciousness that it comes as a complete surprise. And yet without identifying this root cause, it will be incredibly hard to shake those bad habits or blockages you experience at the surface in your daily life.

Beyond addressing unwanted behaviors, emotional blocks and physical pain points, hypnotherapy is also a remarkable tool for going deeper into your spiritual practice and accelerating your path toward awakening to a higher level of consciousness.

I have personally worked with clients on everything from smoking cessation to past life regression. From quieting an overactive mind to finding inner clarity for making major life decisions.

3. Can anyone be hypnotized?

Absolutely. It’s a big misconception that only certain people can be hypnotized. If you have a set of ears that can hear the hypnotherapist, and a mind in between those ears, then a state of hypnosis is completely possible.

Here is where the misconception comes from: just like there are natural variances in people’s personal tolerance to cold weather, or pain, or spicy foods, there are natural variances in people’s levels of suggestibility and susceptibility to certain hypnosis techniques. This is why a skilled hypnotherapist will test for this variance and tailor the hypnosis plan to each client’s specific mindset, constantly adjusting as necessary.

4. Can it really work online?

Unlike healing modalities like massage therapy or acupuncture, which are wholly dependent on physical proximity and touch, hypnosis works 100% as effectively online as it does in person.

I currently conduct about half of my hypnotherapy sessions online, with clients not physically in the same location. Some find it more convenient and relaxing to be in the comfort of their own home. Others take advantage of my tranquil office in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico. It simply comes down to personal preference and logistics.

And not to worry if your internet connection or phone service is ever interrupted during a virtual session.  There is zero chance of you getting ‘stuck’ or ‘trapped’ in a hypnotic state. Similar to when you are asleep, you will naturally come out of hypnosis on your own within a reasonable time frame.

5. How many sessions will I need?

Due to the highly personalized nature of each client’s issues, goals and treatment plan, it is difficult to give an ‘average’ or suggested number of sessions before we start working together. The first session usually provides a great deal of insight, and we will constantly assess progress from there. Each session lasts about an hour.


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