Spiritual Residency Program

I am deeply fortunate to own and operate a very special hostel in a very special town in Mexico. Hostal La Isla is located in the magical town (“pueblo magico”) of San Cristobal de las Casas in the state of Chiapas.

My partner and I lead a Spiritual Residency Program at the hostel, which is basically like a “soul school” where you accelerate your personal and spiritual growth while living at the hostel for about six weeks. By design, the program gives me ample opportunities to mentor residents both individually and in groups.

People meditating

Our residents make the personal commitment to attend a variety of group sessions every week, including 5 morning practices (7 to 8 AM for yoga & meditation), two evening discussions, and at least one yoga class, cacao ceremony or meditation lecture. Residents are welcome to attend more than the required minimum, as the hostel offers 4 yoga classes per week, 2 cacao ceremonies, and one meditation class.

They also have a private hypnotherapy session with me each week to work on anything they wish. (I have helped residents with an extremely wide range of topics: relationships, past life regressions, big life decisions, quitting smoking, quieting the mind to be more present, and so on.)

The residency program also involves some simple daily online lessons and personal goal-setting. We use the power of accountability to help each other stay motivated to achieve our own personal goals, whether it’s to learn a new language, play a musical instrument, write a book, start a business, and so on.

This unique program lets me combine my passions for mentoring, service, and guiding people into deeper states of consciousness, whether through meditation, hypnotherapy, cacao ceremonies or other energy work.

Program benefits and cost

What’s in it for you? Things like:

  • Finding greater happiness, fulfillment and purpose in your life
  • Exploring higher levels of consciousness
  • Learning how to achieve and integrate financial wealth into spiritual living
  • Learning highly effective techniques for meditation, lucid dreaming, being more fully present, and yoga as not simply a physical practice

There are two ways to pay for the program: volunteer work-exchange, or cash. The paid version of the program is still being finalized to include the most comprehensive course materials and lodging options. It should be available in early 2022.

The volunteer work-exchange option is currently available:

Every volunteer resident in the program works three 5-hour shifts per week and one 2-hour shift (on average), which is considerably less work time than most hostel volunteer programs. We take on more volunteers so each person can work fewer hours at the hostel and have more time to work on themselves.

We are looking for people who will approach the program from a place of service and love, much like a Karmic Yogi. Someone who will show up for their own practice and spiritual growth with an open heart, open mind, and strong determination. And approach their volunteer work shifts with a friendly, present, and helpful intention. (The work shifts involve basic hostel tasks like checking guests in and out, doing light cleaning and breakfast preparation, and helping set up for classes and events.)

English: Fluent. For you to get the most value out of the hypnotherapy sessions, meditation classes, cacao ceremonies, and the residency program in general, we are looking for fluent or nearly fluent English speakers. (This is because most of the residency program is conducted in English.)

Spanish: Beginner to Intermediate. We simply ask for basic conversational Spanish, enough to work the reception desk at the hostel, answer the phone and assist our Spanish-speaking hostel guests.

Please note that the Spiritual Residency Program is quite popular and often has a waiting list. There are only so many volunteer spots at one time. If you are interested, please fill out the brief application form below which asks for your availability dates. If your travel plans allow, we invite you to stop by the hostel in person for a free meditation class (every Monday at 11AM) or a cacao ceremony (every Wednesday & Saturday 11AM for $200 MXN). Or better yet, come stay at La Isla as a guest. It’s the best way to get a sense of the environment and the program, talk to the current volunteers, and see if it’s a good fit.

Did I mention that two of our permanent spiritual residents are a pair of very Zen cats named Leon and Greta?


The value of a mentor

On your journey toward personal growth and spiritual awakening, having a mentor can help immensely. I have been blessed with incredible teachers and mentors throughout crucial stages of my life. Now nothing brings me more joy than paying their wisdom forward by guiding others.

When you work closely with a trusted, experienced guide, you actually delve deeper into your true self. A good mentor accelerates your awakening process by finding the blindspots you may have missed and the blockages you’ve been avoiding.

In other words, we are here to call you on your bullsh*t and help you get out of your own way. 

If you are interested in the Spiritual Residency Program, please apply using this form. We evaluate each application as they come in based on the space we have available.