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What does it really mean to live with an open heart?

This meditation teaches you how to approach each moment of your life with an open heart. In other words, from a place of love instead of fear, anger or hate. Especially the moments that trigger and test us through people or situations that are incredibly hard to love. 

As you will hear from a personal story at the beginning of this meditation, our greatest teachers in life are often the ones we never would have chosen for ourselves. I was fortunate to have such a teacher. He treated me like absolute crap at an early job and drove me to my breaking point. That breaking point gave me the perfect chance to practice living with an open heart, without knowing what it meant at the time. What I did know: my life changed overnight, for the better. 

That early lesson on the power of living with an open heart made a deep impression on me. It has directly shaped the simple, yet profoundly beneficial, meditation script I offer you on this page. 

Why practice this type of open heart meditation?

Practicing how to live with an open heart does not mean you never feel sadness or pain. It means having an honest, present awareness of what your heart is truly feeling, without judging that emotion or wrapping a story around it. 

What’s the benefit of consciously practicing the act of bringing your awareness to your heart and allowing yourself to feel whatever arises? The result is being able to feel deeper levels of love and joy than you ever thought possible. Not simply during the meditation itself, but as you go about your life, with your eyes and heart fully open. 

Even after practicing this type of meditation for 20 years, it still surprises me by unlocking ever deeper levels and sensations of love.

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Title : Living with an open heart

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